Portable Dog Water/Food Bottle

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The Portable Dog Water/Food Bottle with Leakproof Lightweight design for Walking, Hiking and adventures with your fur-babies will hydrate and feed your pets on the go. It's never been easier and more convenient than this modular bottle design.

  • Hang buckle design makes it easy for you to carry when walking.
  • You can easily hang it up or connect it to your bag or a dog's leash.
  • It is also designed with a string to be easily carried around on your wrist.

The Portable Dog Water/Food Bottle gives pet owners flexibility to carry water, food, or even snacks for your fur-babies. Pet owners can carry them individually or together! You can dispense water, or refill the bottle with any fresh water with the press of only one simple button.

The portable dog water/food bottle makes it easy for your pets to drink water, as it has been designed with a drinking arc that allows dogs of all sizes to stay hydrated. The Portable Dog Water/Food Bottle is designed in such a way so that you can have a separate compartment for water and for food/snacks. The Bottle has a removable, durable silicone ring that prevents spills and leaking, protecting the bottle from contamination.


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