Cooling & Heating Mat Bundle

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Whether your pet is hot or cold, we have the perfect solution for you! This combo pack comes with the self- heating mat made from cozy warm fabric, and a self-cooling mat made with durable nylon cover. Inside the heating mat, you will find a self heating aluminum sheet along with polyfill to ensure comfort. It has a sherpa warm top & an anti-slip bottom. Inside the Cooling mat is a cooling gel that adapts to your dogs body temperature to make sure to keep him cool. Both mats are easily foldable to fit in any area. They can be used in crates, beds and cars.


Cooling mat: Nylon cover with cooling gel inside
Heating mat: 100% Polyester top with aluminum sheet inside 



Keep the dog, get rid of the smell! All of our textile-based products are coated with SILVERSHIELD™, a patented treatment that helps eliminate odor from pets and good for up to 100 washes. Activated silver ions eliminate bacteria on contact and prevent that lingering “wet dog” smell in your house and car.


- Bundle includes one foldable cooling mat and one sherpa-style heated mat
Helps prevent your pet from overheating or being too cold
Pressure-activated gel inside the mat automatically keeps it cool
Cooling gel is protected by a puncture-resistant plastic
Lightweight and easily folds up so you can carry them with you
Intended pet(s): cats, dogs and all animals that require cooling or heating


- Cooling mat: 50 cm x 65 cm (26 in. x 20 in.)
- Self-heating mat: 50 cm x 65 cm (26 in. x 20 in.)