Instachew PETKIT Pura Dog Pee Pad Tray

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Instachew presents the PETKIT Pura Dog Pee Pad Tray which is easy to detach, and Washable, 39 x 52 cm Premium Tray for Indoor Toilet

The Pura Dog Training Tray is the perfect training tray or pad for your furry friends. This is an excellent way to have your pet's potty trained for when you are not home. The Innovative handle on the tray allows you to easily open and change the pad. Simple lift the mesh with the handle and remove the pad. You can take the pura dog with you when you go on a trip for a convenient way to deal with your pet's waste.


  • š“š‘š€š˜ šƒšˆšŒš„šš’šˆšŽšš’: Tray measures 52 x 39 centimeters

  • šš€šƒ š’šˆš™š„ š‚šŽšŒšš€š“šˆššˆš‹šˆš“š˜: The fixed size of the pad is 47.5x34.5 centimeter; The size compatibility of the pad is not included

  • š„š€š’š˜ š‚š‹š„š€ššˆšš†: There is an innovative handle on the tray of PETKIT Pura Dog that allows you to easily open, change and wash the pad

  • šƒš„š“š€š‚š‡š€šš‹š„: To remove the pad simply lift the mesh with the handle

  • š“š‘š€šˆššˆšš† šš„š“ šƒšŽš†: Great for training puppies, assisting aging dogs, or as an alternative to the outdoors for indoor dog