Milo Dog Bed

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In addition to its modern design, the Milo Dog Bed features the latest technologies so your dog can get the rest he/she deserves. The removable cover is treated with Silvershield™ protection, which kills bacteria that cause bad odors before they even appear. It also has a lavender sachet inserted in the back to provide your dog a soothing and relaxing effect. To top these amazing features off, the high density foam will give your dog perfect support for countless hours of sleep. It also comes in a reusable duffle bag and includes a fun breakfast theme plush toy.


Shell: 100% Polyester
Fill: High Density Foam


- Silvershield™ Coating


- High-Density Foam
- Ultra-soft galaxy velvet fabric
- Fresh lavender sachet insert
- Zippered, removable and washable cover
- Includes one fun breakfast theme plush toy
- Reusable duffle bag



Keep the dog, get rid of the smell! All of our textile-based products are coated with SILVERSHIELD™, a patented treatment that helps eliminate odor from pets and good for up to 100 washes. Activated silver ions eliminate bacteria on contact and prevent that lingering “wet dog” smell in your house and car.

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